27 June 2011

Is Bible Or Qur'an Truth?

Basic Principles Of Allah(SWT)'s Discussion In The Book Without Error:

A friend replied me a massage, I am quoting his part of reply //--I would first have to believe that at least in some part, that the Qur'an and/or the bible is accurate. I believe that both books are a complete myth. They were constructed and are used for the manipulation of humans, by humans. In short, they are total fabrications.--// In my previous note, I have noted the Koranic accuracy. And I don't like to discuss about Bible Now in here. Qur'an had written in the Time of Its Revelation. It was sent to Mankind in Arabic language, still now not a Bit of it's word has changed. Koranic discussion were reveled in two segments. The chapters revealed before the migration of the Prophet to Madina are called Makkan, whereas those sent down after the migration are called Madinan.
Topics of the Chapters
1. Makka : Makkan chapters generally consist of brief sentences.
2. Madina : The Madinan chapters are lengthy and the verses are more prosaic. Law and complete code of life & Islamic state.

Some Questions still even play in some innocent people's mind. Those are,
1. Did Qur'an directly quoted that the Earth Round?
2. Did Qur'an said about any Modern Invention?
3. Muslim claim Qur'an is a scientific Book, But you can't show a single verse that discussed about scientific method ?
4. Qur'an has reveled about 1400 year ago, we modern people need new book.
Answers :
Why Qur'an will discuss about modern invention, why Qur'an will discuss, is earth round or flat, why Qur'an will discuss about any scientific method or invention?
When we people came in this world by mistake, we need guide, life style and learn from history, from our previous people righteous & wrongful acts and their reward and punishment. Obviously Qur'an is scientific a book, Qur'an confirmed us Earth is round, Qur'an tell us how to study or method. But those are not directly, if someone study Qur'an he could find everything he want. It is fully life code and strong way to take/replace on paradise. So what we need more from it ? Is we need how to create Rocket ? How to drive it ? How to build multi-storied building---It will be a misguide for us.  It is Allah (SWT)'s wish that as people follow Allah's guide, lifestyle and bow down to the creator from their freedom of Choose or decision. Qur'an said how did this universe Allah Created and when it will be destroyed. What will happen after Destruction. What happened at paradise, Who was Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus, Moses, Farrow . How do Allah created Paradise and Hell, Why Allah judge all acts of human. Everything is clarified here. A Muslim know very well about this world and it's secret cause Allah informed them. They are the smartest personalities and they have not actually very attraction with this world. Christian and Jews thought Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) copied from their religion this Qur'an and it is his creation. It is same Allah(SWT) informed  human via number of massages or Guide and selected teachers to us known as Prophet. A prophet is safe from any types of sin, they were always protected for any such sin by the Allah (SWT)'s supremacy. Gospel & Torah were also Allah's massage and reveled in Aramaic language (Torah in BCE 1300 & Gosepl in early Common Era). Because of manipulation Allah sent Qur'an and teacher Prophet Muhammad (Sm) to man kind. And The Qur'an had written in its time of revelation and it is safe in Muslim's chest without any modification. (In a census, we know about 10 Million people who learned the Total verses of Al'Qur'an known as HAFIZ of Qur'an). So there is no chance to be manipulated of this Guide. So we can't aspect another guide for human kind. And most wonder fact about Qur'an that Allah own self said, It is Allah own self will save this Qur'an.

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