14 May 2011

---Open Secret ---------Starting--------

It is a time I felt an urgency to uphold my inspiration and thought to the Global People.I am alone and you are also. But In this world as son of Adam & Eve I feel ""I am the king of this Planet" And feel fine to get a nice brotherhood. It is you who is reading this note & wasting your valuable time, Take my wishes and thanks. My blog has an aim that how do I can reach to my brothers & sisters who are not belong with me and at a time how do I can find them with me--it is a trial. I am a guest, you will understand it when you will spent your valuable time to read my blog. I am very careless. Grammatical and spelling mistake I like to avoid , but in other sense language is nothing but a way to share. And even I don't care what the language analyst find in my post. And To the person who will think to justify my accuracy like this type of unnecessary issue--Please leave me, I don't need your certificate even who have an interest to know me. From this convenience , I will share a lot of mistake as a clue to the mistake finder. I hope your neither acceptance nor deny, but the sense.--Simply it is a Journey with logic to the people. 

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